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    27 June 2024

    PSA Seminar 2024 - “Revolutionising MPF: Embracing the Digital Age for Growth and Innovation”

    Organized by The Pension Schemes Association (PSA), the panel event “Revolutionising MPF: Embracing the Digital Age for Growth and Innovation” was successfully held on 27 June 2024, The event was attended by key industry stakeholders and representatives, including senior management from MPFA.In his welcome speech, Mr. Roderick Koliloedjoer, Chairman of the PSA, thanked everyone for joining the event to explore the future of the pension industry in a post-eMPF world.Emerging technologies are transforming the way that the industry operates today. Building on this premise, the moderator of the seminar,  the Partner (Technology Consulting) of Ernst & Young (EY), Mr. Chris Barford offered a sneak peek into the 2nd joint thought leadership publication between PSA & EY titled “The Digitalisation Revolution – Transforming the future of the MPF Industry”, which zoomed into how innovations such as AI and robo-advisory would shape the future of Hong Kong’s retirement business with a focus on planning.Following the opening remarks by Chief Operating Officer of MPFA Ms. Cynthia Hui, speakers of the event kick-started an engaging panel forum to delve into the new technologies and innovation developments across investment advisory as well as financial and retirement planning. Industry observations on how MPF industry should leverage digitalisation to further enhance member satisfaction were also shared.Our heartfelt thanks to Rainbow Pan, Taosha Wang, and Sunny Tsang for exchanging deep insights and creating industry synergies in this thought-provoking event with the common goal to shape a better future for Hong Kong's pension landscape.
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    14 March 2024

    MPF Providers Affirm Commitment to Helping the Workforce Build Healthy, Robust Retirement at PSA Cocktail

    On 14th March 2024, the Pension Schemes Association (PSA) hosted a cocktail reception which brought MPF providers, experts, and stakeholders together to network and forge stronger collaborations amidst evolving economic conditions. The event underscored the importance of working hand in hand to achieve the common goal of healthier, financially secure, and better retirement outcomes for all.    The event began with a welcome address by Ms. Rainbow Pan, Chairperson of PSA who introduced the special guests from MPFA, including Managing Director Mr. Cheng Yan-chee, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Executive Director Mr. Wallace Lau, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director Ms. Cynthia Hui, Executive Director (Policy) Mr. Eric Cheng, Director (Supervision)  Ms. Ginni Wong, Director (Enforcement))  Ms. Cynthia Li, CEO of eMPF Mr. Eric Lui.  She reiterated the PSA’s purpose and vision, and its pledge to enrich public awareness of the MPF system and its role in helping members of the workforce achieve their desired retirement.   Besides partnership, innovation is also vital to ensuring the MPF system can fulfil public and industry interests. MPFA Managing Director, Mr. Cheng, shared that the MPFA will collaborate with various stakeholders, including labour unions, NGOs, and district bodies, to ensure the inclusion of non-digital savvy scheme members such as seniors and grassroots residents, as well as those with special needs. PSA will cooperate with the MPFA to promote the eMPF platform to the public, empowering working adults to proactively manage their financial futures. Offering unparalleled convenience and transparency, eMPF will allow users to make informed decisions and adapt their investments to align with evolving financial goals.   That said, to fully reap the benefits of these initiatives, efficient communication and the effective delivery of key messages are essential. According to Mr. Cheng, MPFA will roll out promotional and educational activities, including APIs and media interviews, to enhance public awareness of the eMPF Platform. It will also organise training sessions for HR practitioners and provide CPD courses for intermediaries. To support the MPFA’s efforts, PSA will actively recruit MPF sponsors and industry stakeholders to represent the voice of the industry. Rainbow thanked BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited, BCT Financial Limited for joining PSA and China Asset Management (HK) Ltd as corporate members, strengthening the association’s reach to amplify its impact and influence.   Thank you to all our members and partners! Let’s keep up the positive momentum and build a brighter retirement future for all Hong Kong people!
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    12 September 2023

    PSA Annual Dinner 2023 - “Getting Ready for eMPF”

    The Pension Schemes Association (PSA)  successfully concluded its Annual Dinner 2023 at the China Club on 12 September 2023. The event was attended by over 110 guests, including senior management from MPFA, guests from MPF scheme sponsors, trustees and fund houses.   The event was opened by Ms. Rainbow Pan, Chairwoman of the PSA, who thanked everyone for their support of the event. Ms. Pan highlighted that the theme of the event as “Getting Ready for eMPF” and shared her view that the eMPF platform will bring along tremendous opportunities for MPF stakeholders. Specifically for MPF sponsors, who will be encouraged to keep differentiating their products through fund performance and excellent member service.   The highlight of the evening was a keynote speech delivered by Mr. Cheng Yan Chee, Managing Director of MPFA. Mr. Cheng shared the major development milestones of the eMPF System over the last 25 years and introduced the six major areas that will be the focus of the MPFA. These areas include 1) the abolition of the offsetting arrangement, 2) improving investment returns, 3) lowering fees, 4) reviewing the minimum and maximum relevant income levels, 5) encouraging voluntary contributions as well as 6) launching the eMPF Platform. Other honourable attending guests from the MPFA were Ms. Cynthia Hui, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Eric Cheng, Executive Director (Policy), Mr. Joseph Lee, Director of Product Regulation and Ms. Ginni Wong, Director of Supervision. The event was hosted by the PSA Board of Directors which besides Ms. Pan included Ms. Elaine Lau, Ms. Charlotte Chan, Mr. Roderick Koliloedjoer and Mr. Tak Chi Wong.    Later in the evening, the Partner (Technology Consulting) of Ernst & Young (EY), Mr. Chris Barford shared some of his insights in terms of how the eMPF platform will revolutionise the MPF System. These insights, which focused on what members and employers need to know to get ready for the eMPF, are part of a joint PSA/EY thought leadership paper which was announced to be issued shortly.    This was followed up with a thought-provoking panel discussion focusing on the themes of ‘Getting Ready for eMPF’. The panellists vividly exchanged their views on the opportunities and challenges that the eMPF platform will bring along. The panellists included Ms. Rainbow Pan, together with 2 other PSA directors, Mr. Roderick Koliloedjoer and Mr. Tai Chi Wong, as well as Mr. Chris Barford.  Last but not least, the momentum of the evening was lifted up by the lucky draw with lots of fun and laughter. As the dinner drew to a close, the PSA started getting ready for a new chapter by looking forward to another fulfilling year. 
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    23 February 2023

    PSA Hosts Cocktail Networking Event

    As life is returning to normal, the Pension Schemes Association (PSA) organized a Networking Cocktail Reception on 23 February 2023. We were graced with an overwhelming response and had some 42 distinguished guests including the senior management from MPFA & eMPF PC attending this event. Ms. Rainbow Pan, Chairwoman of the PSA, welcomed all guests in her opening speech and reiterated the PSA’s purpose and vision. In addition, a warm welcome was extended to all MPF scheme sponsors as well as other industry stakeholders to join the PSA. By combining our forces, , the PSA hopes to build an efficient communication platform between the MPFA, eMPF PC and the MPF industry with the aim to support the Hong Kong people to achieve their retirement goals.   During the event, Mr. Cheng Yan Chee,Managing Director of MPFA, thanked the MPF industry for their tremendous support on the eMPF Platform which is expected to be launched by 2025. Mr. Cheng expects that the MPFA will keep working closely with the PSA and other industry stakeholders, towards continuously improving and refining the MPF system. This collaboration will help support the MPF system to provide quality services to its members and build a retirement savings system that is valued by the Hong Kong people.   Other honourable attending guests from MPFA & eMPF PC were namely, Ms. Cynthia Hui, Chief Operating Officer of MPFA Mr. Joseph Lee, Director of Product Regulation of MPFA Ms. Ginni Wong, Director of Supervision of MPFA Mr. Eric Lui, CEO of eMPF Platform Company LimitedThank you all and the PSA is looking forward to deeper collaboration and a fulfilling year!
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    MPFA Symposium "What’s Next? The New Trends of MPF” - PSA Chairman invited as panel speaker

    MPFA Symposium "What’s Next? The New Trends of MPF” - PSA Chairman invited as panel speaker.
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    9 Sep 2019

    MPFA Symposium "The eMPF Platform: A new digital era for MPF” - PSA Chairman invited as panel speaker

    MPFA Symposium "The eMPF Platform: A new digital era for MPF” - PSA Chairman invited as panel speaker